Be Gentle

Guys. We're about to have a very serious talk. And I want to preface it by saying that we are more than grateful for all of our opportunities in this life and everything we've worked so hard for.

You have to remember, though, that we are normal people. We aren't "lucky", we aren't living a life without worries and struggles, and we aren't everything you think we are because of our social media pages.

Truth is, my social media outlets are my job, and Patrick's is a part of his, too.

My best friend from growing up mentioned to me the other day how funny it is that people use social media as their way to keep up with people, but no one takes the time anymore to reach out. Social media is one big front, y'all! Stop thinking everything in someone's life is as pretty as their feed and reach out to the people you love!

For business owners social media has become our biggest, most powerful, and quickest platform to be able to reach people, gain clients, and sell ourselves and products. There's a science behind professionals' social media pages- from the way everything is laid out, to ensuring the color scheme flows, and figuring out how many professional posts you need to mix in with personal posts to make sure you're appealing to your ideal clients.

Not too long ago I was caught in a group chat with a bunch of my old teammates who were talking about our alma mater's gymnastics competition when one of them made a comment about how easy Pat and I's life was and how we were out on a beach while they were sitting at home. I am by no means stating that our life is hard or miserable- because it's not. But it's not a walk in the park, either. Please don't let our social media pages fool you into thinking so.

During the off-season I'm in my busy season, working my ass off for my company and teaching for Pure Barre, and during football- which starts in April- I'm going back in forth between places while maintaining our home in Texas, working for myself, and Pure Barre.

I want to take a second and mention something about the NFL for everyone who's never been affiliated with it- the wives in the NFL are some of the hardest working gals I've had the privilege of meeting. Not only are they balancing life with their husbands being gone for most of the year, they're working full time, keeping up the household, and raising a family. So, please, be gentle. Stop affiliating big contracts and what you see in the media to how our lives are really lived.

Brandie Scales