Winter Wonderland | Part 1 | Yellowstone

Before I start, I want to take a minute and reiterate how amazing and beautiful our country is. As I was editing, and going through these images, I found myself in awe of the greatness and wonder of all of the amazing places we got to visit and embrace.

I'm going to go through each day of our adventure separately so I don't overload and overwhelm you with too much information or too many pictures! Like always, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments or by shooting me an email!

The first few nights we were in Wyoming we stayed at the Fireside Resorts which is located between Jackson and Grand Teton Village. To be honest, I wish we would've stayed at Fireside the whole time. The lodges were so quaint and cozy and offered us the privacy and intimacy of a getaway that we were looking for.

On Sunday we got picked up bright and early for our Snowmobiling Tour through Yellowstone National Park by our tour guides. We chose to go through Scenic Safaris and will forever be grateful we did. The boys were so educated on the land, kind, and overall helpful in every aspect of our day.

As soon as you're picked up the tour guides take you up to Flagg Ranch, where you eat breakfast and get all of your gear for the day before heading into Yellowstone through the South Entrance. You receive your snowsuit, a helmet, and your snowmobile for the day. Pat and I chose to take our own snowmobiles instead of riding together. I loved that we did this because it let both of us control our rides. As soon as your group is ready the tour guides take you out to the snowmobiles, give you a run-down of the safety and rules, and then you're off!

We chose a tour that took us up to Old Faithful. We also made multiple pit stops on the way up and on the way home at certain locations to learn about the land and it's terrain.

We've both seen Yellowstone and Old Faithful in the summer, but it was both of our first times seeing it during the winter. If you ever have the chance to see it in the winter- go. There is absolutely nothing like Yellowstone in the winter. After this trip, I whole heartedly believe that Yellowstone is more magical and beautiful during this time of the year.

After we saw Old Faithful and ate lunch at the lodge we headed North a little to see the Geothermal Pools. These were so beautiful with the snow surrounding them. Again, our tour guides were so educated on these and were able to teach us about their history and importance. I learned so much throughout this whole tour and was so grateful Scenic Safaris had such amazing people leading the tours.

As soon as we got to the geothermal pools we realized we were in good company with some bison! When we began our walk through the pools the bison were in a field, but as we were making  our way back to the snowmobiles they decided to cross our path and head to where we had previously been. It was so cool to see these animals up close and experience them in the wild.

On the way back to Flagg Ranch we stopped at Kepler Cascades and Moose Falls. These were so beautiful with the half- frozen cascades and snow covered river banks and trees.

After our tour was over we returned to the cabin at Flagg Ranch, returned our rental gear and then headed back home. It was the perfect day of adventuring to start our week off in the Jackson area.

Yellowstone is closed to the public during the winter months, so the only way to experience it is to go with a qualified tour guide(s). The park usually re-opens in the spring (around May) and closes around October. Dates differ each year, so to plan accordingly for your tip be sure to check out their website! We used the website a lot throughout our stay and were surprisingly happy with how helpful it was in helping us plan.

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