Part V | Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks

I definitely did college in Utah wrong. Looking back I wish we would have been able to take trips to some of the amazing National Parks the state offers but I now realize we didn't have the time or money to. Pat's busy season was during the fall and mine was during the spring, and during the summers we never left the comfort of Cache Valley unless it was to float the river in Idaho. Silly us- but now it gives us a good reason to always go back <3

We left my aunt's house early Wednesday morning and headed South to Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park(s). Pat had been to both of these parks before with his brothers but it was the first time for me. On our way down he kept telling me how much I was going to love it and how amazing it was and I didn't realize the magnitude of what he was saying until we began driving through all of the red rocks on our way into Bryce Canyon.

I wish I could tell you my pictures do the parks justice, but they definitely do not. We had Bob, but it's illegal to fly him in a National Park so I had to do my best capturing the beauty of the parks with just my camera.

Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park are both quick to drive through, but offer a ton of places to stop and enjoy the view. Since we visited during the winter some of the stops and options were limited, but you can view all of what the parks offer on the National Park Service website!

Bryce Canyon


I felt like we were chasing the sun on our drive throughout Zion. It was so cool to get so many different shots of the rocks in different lighting and to see all of the true, raw beauty the park has to offer.

I GoPro-ed the drive through the park, so stay tuned for the blog post of that! 

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