Part IV | Utah

We were so sad to leave Wyoming and probably would've stayed forever if someone would have tempted us to.

On Friday, January 13th, we left for Utah. Two of our best friends and some of my family live there. We were so excited to be able to add spending time with them while we were on our road trip. Season is jam packed with running around and barely seeing each other, or our family and friends, so this road trip was the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the first of our down time.

We ended up surprising Pete when we showed up in Ogden on Friday night. Pete was Pat's punter in college and they have always had the most amazing friendship that I love watching  grow. The two of them are so hilarious together and I know they both have the best time when they're together. Plus, Pete married the coolest girl who I get to now call one of my best friends, so spending time with them is always some of our favorite times.


We spent our time together lounging and laughing, snowshoeing and hiking, and enjoying each other's company. We stayed with Pete and Claire for three days before we headed South to see my family South of Salt Lake.

My cousin just had her first babe so we wanted to meet him and spend time with the family before making our way home. It was so nice to be able to spend time with them-- I'm already aching to get back to Utah to be with them.

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Brandie Scales