Part III | Snowshoeing through Tetons National Park

On our last day in Wyoming we snowshoed through Grand Teton National Park. Pat and I had never been snowshoeing and for some reason picked the hardest trail to start off on- don't do that. If we would have realized how challenging snowshoeing was we definitely would've picked an easier, shorter hike to start off with.


Holy, feel the burn. Have you ever snowshoed? It's no joke.

There's a rule in the park that if you're snowshoeing you have to stay where the other snowshoers are and not cross over or walk on the cross country skiing trail, which is totally understandable, but, we were the first ones out that day and I cannot reiterate how challenging it was to hike up a mountain in fresh powder your first time snowshoeing!

Pat and I took turns leading, giving each other a much needed break every few minutes. Team work makes the dream work- right?!

Overall we had such an amazing time and loved the view. It was so much fun to do something new together and to experience the Tetons up close! It's amazing how peaceful and quiet the park is.

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Brandie Scales