Part III | Day on the Slopes

Growing up we never learned how to ski or snowboard because winter was gymnastics season- which meant it was never a time to go on vacation or try new things. Even though we went to college in Utah Patrick and I still had never skied together. I never could because of gymnastics, and if he did it was at home with his siblings or friends. I went snowboarding once with my teammates after gymnastics was over but to be honest it scared the living crap out of me so this time I decided I wanted to learn how to ski.

Pat wasn't going to snowboard because he was going to play it safe, but when we realized he could snowboard with me all day for cheaper that it'd be for a half day of lessons I convinced him to rent gear and teach me how to ski!

One of the best things about Patrick is how patient he is about everything, but mostly me. Unless it's teaching me how to do math... because he decided in college it was best for our relationship for me to get a tutor- ha!

It's crazy to believe that after almost eight years together we had never took to the slopes together.  We had so much fun skiing and snowboarding together and while I know I really slowed his day down it was a great team building exercise for our relationship.

We spent a few hours on the slopes before stopping for a snack at The Four Season's Handle Bar. We tried their infamous Handle Bar Pretzel and munched on Nachos before heading back on the slopes for a few more runs. 

My first time skiing was so much fun and I can't wait to hit the slopes again with this big guy! Maybe one day I'll even give snowboarding another try...

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