Time Well Spent

We kept a lot of our pregnancy private and between our close knit group of family members, so when it came to having little human, and the few weeks following, we knew we wanted to have the same approach.


After we had Tiny girl we spent the first few days alone in our home- without visitors or family members. When we arrived home from the hospital we had only told our immediate family and closest friends that she was here. Since we hadn't announced to the world that she was here we were able to step back from our crazy, fast paced life and spend quality time with each other, her, and our animals. Just like with a pregnancy, having a baby changes your relationship, so we wanted this personal time together to be able to focus on our family.

 Hallie Duesenberg

Hallie Duesenberg

Another reason we hadn't shared that she wasn't here sooner with the world was because it was important to me for us to send out formal, paper announcements about her arrival before posting her on Instagram or any social media outlets.

To be honest, I loved the time this gave us. I loved that we waited three weeks before we told the world about her. It was so cool to have the intimacy of having just our family know things, and it's also been so good for me to take a step back, reflect, embrace, cherish and love this time.

Pat and I felt like we not only got to spend more quality time with her being in the moment, but it helped us get to know her and lay a stable foundation for our relationship with her before we started involving everyone else. The time alone was hands down the best, well spent time we've ever had.


A lot of our family and friends didn't understand why we chose to keep this time so "secretive" but my mom put it perfectly so I thought I'd share. She said "when I had you and your sister the only thing people could do was call, but today people call, constantly text, are on social media and have a thousand ways to reach you and talk to you, and that makes it so nothing is private anymore"... she could not have hit the nail on the head better.

It's not that we wanted to keep our child from people, we just wanted to have the privacy with her until we had formal announcements to send. Pat and I loved that we were able to leave our phones at a distance and just be in the moment throughout the past few weeks. This time goes by so quickly and so we want, and wanted, to cherish it and embrace it while it's here. We didn't want to wish we had stuck to our guts but given into what our family members insisted by letting them come and stay with us, announcing right away, etc, and I'm so glad we can look back and know we did the right thing for our family.

I think our first few weeks at home alone are going to be one of my favorite things we've ever done. I have so many awesome memories that helped start parenthood off on the right foot for Patrick and me and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

 Hallie Duesenberg

Hallie Duesenberg

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