First Month Favorites


I cannot even believe we've had our sweet baby GIRL at home for over a month!

It has flown by and has seriously been one of the best months of my life- if not the best. Pat and I are so in love with being parents.

After surviving (and thriving!) through our first few weeks I wanted to share a post on our favorite things that have helped us through. There are a few things for babe and a few favorite things that I have personally loved to help myself.

  1. The Owlet. Hands down, this is the only way I'm getting restful sleep at night. I know if I didn't have it I would not be able to rest so peacefully at night. This was actually the first thing Patrick and I purchased when we found out we were pregnant and I would do it again, 100%.
  2. Organic Cotton Swaddles. Poppy girl loves being swaddled and I love how easy these are to swaddle her with. I also use these in her carseat to cover her up when we go outside.
  3. Copper Pearl products. I found these products on Instagram and could not tell you how much I love them. Their quality is par to none and their prints are so fun. Their burp rags are the best!
  4. I absolutely love Design Dua's Nap and Pack Basket. It's lightweight and easy to move from room to room which is so convenient. I honestly believe you could solely use this for babe for the first few months. We kept the basket in our room for the first week and then now it goes everywhere with Aveline! We keep the stand on the main floor and when she sleeps at night it goes in her crib and when we're in the basement it sits on the sectional with us. 

Below are a few things I've found really helpful during this transition period. To be honest, I have been trying really hard to get up every day and get dressed and ready for the day in hopes that it helps ward off postpartum depression. As a new mom I am trying to remind myself that it is important to not only take care of tiny babe, but myself. If I am not at my best there is no way I can give her my best. I've also been trying to keep myself on a schedule, make sure I'm asking Pat for help, and be honest with myself if there's anything going on.

  1. Slouchy Joggers from Victoria's Secret. These are the perfect lounge and go pants. They are so comfortable and perfect for the first few crazy weeks where comfort is key! I love them with a sweater or long sleeve tee.
  2. Comfortable slippers. I got these as a present to myself during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and held onto them until after she was born. It was a really fun treat to wait for and get once we got home with her!
  3. Nursing Bras I heard mixed reviews from friends about nursing bras- some people loved them and some people hated them so I was skeptical at first if I would "need" them or not. But, I definitely think they're worth getting. Nursing bras make feedings so much easier for me. They are comfortable, convenient and I love that I can wear the ones I got under my clothes and no one can tell they're nursing bras. This is my favorite one, but I also really like this one!
  4. Underwear for pads Girls. Being a first time mom this was something I completely overlooked until the week Poppy was born. It was honestly just something I didn't even think about. You need comfortable underwear, that is not a thong, to wear postpartum because you will need to constantly have a pad in- yes, even with a c-section! Luckily I was able to order a few before she was born because I don't know what I would have done without them. These were my favorite.
  5. Button Up PJs are a game changer at night. Being able to just unbutton the top few, unclip your nursing bra and go is the best thing since sliced bread during nighttime feedings. You're half asleep, and exhausted, so having something that makes nighttime feedings as easy (and quick to start) as possible was something that helped make the nighttime transition easier.

Throughout my pregnancy I stocked up on shirts, pants, and outfits that I knew were nursing friendly in hopes that I could transition into motherhood while still being able to get dressed every day. This was one of the best things I did to help prepare myself for success in getting up and getting dressed every day. I'm putting together a few of my top favorite things that I couldn't live without and will be sharing them soon. I truly believe that getting up and getting dressed before starting the day with Poppy has helped my mental state dramatically. These outfits not only have to be comfortable but something I can literally grab and go quickly. I'm also going to be sharing my daily outfits on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow along and look out for them!

Brandie Scales