Baby Scales Shower, A Virtual Shower- How and Why


Pat and I are so blessed to have so many people love us throughout the country. Growing up we both lived in so many different places, and even now our families, siblings, and friends are scattered throughout the United States and world (my sister lives in Japan and Pat's brother works overseas).

When I first got pregnant I was insistent to my best friends that I did not make people fly across the country to come see me at however many weeks pregnant just to have a baby shower. This might sound silly to some, but it’s the most practical thing in my head. Baby Showers are so much fun when you live in the same area as all of your friends and family members, but when you’re far away from everyone it seems a bit selfish and quite the hassle to have a baby shower hosted for you just for people to see you pregnant. I’d rather have people spend money on coming to see us once we have the babe so they can actually meet, love, and enjoy this sweet bundle of joy with us!

With some convincing my best friends talked me into letting them host a virtual shower instead of an in person shower, that way people can celebrate, be excited with us, and help us prepare before babe comes.

My best friend Sam shares are a few facts about virtual showers below in case you’re interested in having one, too!

What is a virtual shower?

A virtual shower is a shower set up, and celebrated with the help of the internet.

How does one set up a virtual shower?

  • Figure out what type of website you want to use- we chose a private Facebook Event!
  • Set a time frame
  • Have a Welcome Note at the top of the event
  • Add the parents' registry information to the event under the welcome note so it's easily accessible for all of the invitees
  • Solidify a guest list, and invite everyone into the group! (I used Brandie's Pregnancy Announcement List to make sure everyone who received an announcement was invited to the shower)
  • Create a formal invite to send out
  • Come up with a kick off baby shower gift to arrive on or before the start
  • When the date is a few days out reiterate when presents should arrive
  • Be mindful of those who don’t have Facebook, try to involve them in an email!
  • I wanted to add baby pictures and such and do like a couple guessing things but the Facebook event was not exactly what I thought it would be

Is it set for a certain date?

You can set it for a certain date or for a time frame. We chose to celebrate Baby Scales for a two week period, setting the virtual shower dates from November 18- December 2!

What if you’re not on Facebook?

Sam- For the people who needed to be invited but didn't have a Facebook we sent out formal emails so they were involved and could participate!

Brandie- Since I am no longer on Facebook I am going to be emailing a thank you video for my hosts to share with the group page over the last few days of the virtual shower. I want to do this to thank everyone who showed us love throughout the shower

Do you (Brandie) feel like you’ll miss out since you aren’t having an in person shower? 

No, not at all. I actually prefer it like this. I know it’s silly but I hate the spotlight, so being able to have a shower and not have to be the center of attention is perfect for me. We will also be hosting a shower once babe is here (more details of that to come in the future!) for our family and friends to come meet, love and snug on so I totally don’t feel like I’m missing out at all. 

I am so grateful to have some of the most amazing best friends who are so understanding, loving, and giving with taking so much time to do this for me. Baby Scales, you are so, so loved!

Brandie Scales