Why I'm Deactivating My Facebook

I know, half of you are hanging on by the edge of your seat excited about how I did it (because maybe you're looking to do it, too) and half of you are cringing at the thought of doing this.

But the reason I'm doing this is simple.

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Facebook isn't what it used to be anymore- it's full of people attacking each other, people pushing their political agendas, pseudoscience websites pushing conspiracy theories, and the random funny meme at 2 am.

What used to be a way of keeping up with friends, sharing pictures of your life, and overall keeping in touch with people has been lost in the swarm of everything else, and to be frank, I just do not have time for it. I don't have time for the unnecessary distraction from life! There is so much, positive, exciting stuff going on in our lives and the world that I am choosing to disconnect from this social media outlet and focus on being more present in my life.

Think of how much time you spend on Facebook, scrolling through random people's pages you no longer know or have the interest to keep in touch with... what could you be doing with that time to connect and be with the people in your life who truly matter? Think of how many cards you could have written to your grandparents with that time, the time you could have spent walking your dog and actually engaging with them, and especially how much time are you wasting when you're with the ones who truly matter yet you're on your phone? Do you ever look around at a restaurant and wonder how many people actually hold conversations anymore? We are killing society by being so negligently involved in something that doesn't even matter!

I am choosing to spend more time actively being involved and connected with the people who are positive figures in my life, and keeping in touch with the ones I love with the amazing technology our phones have, and snail mail!

Why are you deactivating it instead of deleting it?

I want to be able to keep my business Facebook platforms live, so by keeping my profile but just deactivating it it will ensure I still have those names/pages.

What about important life events?

To be honest, I stopped sharing a lot on Facebook throughout the past year. Pat and I were never planning on announcing our baby on Facebook, and we are also choosing to not share our childrens' faces on any social media platforms. So, even if I kept Facebook I wouldn't be sharing anything important anyways.

I am so thankful to everything Facebook has offered, especially throughout my college years, because I have so many pictures and memories to help me relive those times, but for now this is the best decision for me and my family. I cannot wait to be Facebook free!

What about other social media platforms?

I will be keeping Instagram and Snapchat! I love Instagram's platform and that you can choose who you follow and what your feed consists of. It is such an inspirational, positive platform that I will not only keep for myself but for both of my businesses.

How can we keep up with you?

Most importantly, Embracing Messiness is not going anywhere! This is my personal place to share what's happening in our life, so it's the best way to efficiently keep up with us!

If you want to follow us from afar you can always subscribe to our post notifications and keep up with us by frequently visiting the site! I will be sharing when new posts are live through Instagram and Snapchat, so if you're not following me on those yet you should do that now! (My handle for both of them is @c_brandie)

Monday morning you will be able to find "Subscribe" buttons on every page of Embracing Messiness to make it easier to follow along and keep in touch! Comments will now be activated on every post as well!

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