Pregnancy Update: My Journey

While I've been sharing weekly babe posts and our preferences and choices, I realized this week that I haven't really shared much about my pregnancy and how it's been going! So, today, I'm going to be up front and honest with you about my pregnancy!

First of all, this sh*t is no joke.

I used to think that I'd be this pregnant person who would have tons of energy and motivation and I'd just keep on keepin on with my Type A personality of making my lists, knocking them out, and then finding more things that need to/could be done to keep me busy. Of course, I'd teach class, take class, make sure the errands were run and everything was taken care of, then still be this happy go lucky person who greeted Pat at the door with dinner on the stove.

But, I was living in a dream. A morbid one. Because I don't even know how to formulate a list anymore, I can barely get to Pure Barre, let alone drag my ass through the class, and I haven't cooked dinner in so long I can't even tell you when it was.

Truth be told,

I have had a really hard and exhausting pregnancy. Trust me, this is not a complaint session, this is just me being open and honest about the whole experience. I would rather be sick every day with a babe than not pregnant. People need to know though.  Because, y'all, I don't want anyone else to be fooled by the pregnant people who are the most beautiful, efficient, and hard working human beings trotting around all the while they've got a baby human growing inside the,  thinking it comes easy and happens like to everyone. MA'AM, HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT?!

From the beginning of my pregnancy I have had no appetite, which, everyone has the wrong image of this being a good thing, when in fact, it is not. Ladies, you NEED to gain 15-20 pounds while your pregnant so that your body can efficiently provide for you AND your baby! Think of all that is inside of you- a placenta, and a human (guys, a human) that is growing up to a half a pound a week at the end, and all of the fluids that are protecting your sweet babe. It is so important to gain weight throughout pregnancy.

With my loss of appetite and being physically ill throughout this whole time I have plummeted below to a weight that I can't even tell you I was last at. Which, not only puts me at risk, but the babe. If I eat something my body does not want I will immediately puke it up... so, at this point we are living on goldfish & gatorade, and the hope that when I start craving something else we can get to it fast enough before my body no longer decides it's a good idea.

I was put on bedrest from weeks 24-27, in hopes that my body would keep our little human inside long enough to reach full term. Since, I have been hospitalized twice more because of issues the doctors want to keep a close eye on. Recently, I have been told that I need to be as still as possible, with the threat of another bed rest over my head, to help maintain my burned calories since my intakes are so low. Luckily, my doctors know that keeping me on a tight leash is better than taking my collar off and making me stay inside completely, so they are letting me teach my Pure Barre classes twice a week, and letting me do modified errand running and chores. (It is so important to find doctors whom you not only trust and like, but ones that will listen to you. I am so lucky that my doctors have come to learn me through this process, and what will work best for me to get through this pregnancy, because if they were to have put me on bed rest again three weeks ago not only would Pat be coming to a caged animal, but someone who can play every single song known to man with a recorder... that's seriously not a joke)

The closer I get it seems the sicker I get, but I have truly never had so much appreciation or love for my body. Seems silly, right? Since my doctor told me my body seems to be handling this pregnancy "to the nth degree of parasite" LOL but honestly, I really have never loved my body so much. I am growing a little babe, and no matter how sick I am on any given day that is the coolest and most amazing thing. Even when I measured behind on last week's appointment, an ultrasound proved that the baby was still measuring as it should... which means my body is taking care of babe first and making sure he/she is perfectly fine, even when I might not be. It's unbelievably, out of this world, amazing. And I am so grateful that I have come to whole-heartily trust and love my body.

If you have had a pregnancy that has been similar I'd love to hear any tricks and tips you have in the comments- especially any small foods/drinks that might help me gain some weight.

Here's a quick look back on the journey with some of my favorite bump pics!



Cover picture is courtesy of Elizabeth Nord Photography.

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