New Schedule & What to Expect

Hi lovely friends! I just wanted to let you know of a few things that will be changing around here!

  • Mondays will remain as "update" days. This will be anything from Pat's recovery, my pregnancy, and anything we have to share.
    • If we don't have anything pertinent to tell you it might become a day of sharing our favorite travels, pictures, etc. I have a few fun films to share with you so this would be the day I would do so on!
  • Wednesdays will remain as pregnancy/baby announcements, things to know, reviews, etc!
  • Fridays are going to be changing up a bit, especially heading into the holidays and then the off-season. This season has been harder than I originally thought with posting game day outfits because, well, I'm not going to the games since Pat's on IR. I was doing really well making sure to snap outfit ideas during the week BUT it's wintertime in Chicago, and being pregnant it's becoming pretty miserable to do that, SO- Fridays will be a mix of things!
    • In the near future I will be sharing outfit ideas, my favorite products, and a few of my favorite shops to help give you ideas for your holiday gift giving!

I am so grateful for this platform, and for all of you for following along. I am so excited about these changes and hope you love them as much as I do!

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