What About A Birth Plan?

As we quickly approach our due date I want to go over something I see so many girls talking about, and sharing publicly.

Birth Plans.

I am so, so grateful my job has let me experience births before having my first child. Not only has it been such an amazing experience to capture so many precious moments for other families, but it has also given me a realistic approach on what to plan, and expect, for my big day.

I have been laid back throughout this whole experience, and to be honest, I think that is why I have enjoyed pregnancy so much even though it's been a long, hard road. I have kept my priorities on staying grateful, trusting my body and more importantly God, and just enjoying the ride, and that is how I am approaching labor and delivery.

I am not in control. I have no idea how my body will respond, or how my sweet little babe will handle labor- so I am going in fully trusting God, my body, and embracing whatever happens. Do I want to have a natural birth? Sure. But am I going to convince myself of something I'm not even sure is possible when there are so many different attributes that I cannot control? No.

I have seen first hand when girls have a strict birth plan and as soon as it starts going off track during delivery it causes more panic and anxiety than anything- which isn't good during labor, for mom or baby! There is one priority for your baby's birth day- a healthy baby and a healthy mom- it doesn't matter how it gets done.

So, to avoid any unnecessary stress or panic on myself (or Pat), I'm just going to go in with a trusting mind, heart, and body and know that God already knows how it's going to go.

This is another really cool thing about becoming a parent, you can literally choose to do anything you want! You can have a birth plan, or not, and everyone is right. This is just my choice and my approach to birth! Did you have a birth plan? Share your birth experiences with me!

Brandie ScalesComment