Weekly Update & Happenings

This past week was so busy and full of so many fun, exciting things.

On Monday we attended a charity event in Downtown Chicago at the Armani Store benefiting a local Children's Hospital. Zach Miller and his wife hosted it, and the store displayed some of their new fall/winter lines for us to shop at first. It was so amazing to see the whole store set up with a special selection of items, and so cool to be the first ones to see and shop the line.


Now, ya'll know I'm a bargain girl, so stepping into an Armani for the first time was a little scary and a bit overwhelming. As much as I loved so many items, Pat and I have a hard time justifying spending certain amounts of money on monetary things we're only going to wear once or twice a year. But, with the night being a charity event and profits going to a children's hospital I suckered down and purchased a pair of sunglasses- that I have wrapped and will be going underneath the Christmas Tree- ha! So, you can expect those babies to make a post come next spring/summer! They're a neutral color and something I am so excited to wear, but I really truly want to wait for them and get them for Christmas.

This past weekend I worked my last wedding before the babe comes! Once I found out we were pregnant, and I decided I was going to move up to Chicago full time with Pat, I really scaled back on taking any weddings, and haven't booked any birth stories- which has honestly been so, so hard. I know it was the best decision for our family, and for me during this time, but I seriously cannot wait for this babe to come so I can get back to capturing birth stories for families and filming weddings.

This weekend's wedding was so special to me because it was for Pat's cousin, Maggie, who I've gotten close to over the years. It was so amazing to capture such a special day for someone so special and I am so excited to share the film with you when it's completed! It was also so much fun to be with family in Kentucky and celebrating one last time with them as just the two of us! Below are a few still shots I captured from the day <3


Coming soon on the blog I'll be sharing facts and information on birth stories, a few more fall outfits, and our maternity pictures! I can't wait for you to see it all!

Brandie Scales