Monday Night Football: Vikings at Bears

Monday Night Football games are so, so much fun, especially when it's a division game and at home. This Monday our boys will take on the Minnesota Vikings and we are all so excited and hopeful for a win.

The fall weather has still not showed up fully in Chicago so I am taking full advantage of what's left of the warmth and wearing these booties as long as I can. PLUS paired with this sweater they make the perfect pair for the weather, and our coveted Monday Night Game.

October 7 edits-22.jpg
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October 7 edits-6.jpg

Speaking of this sweater, trust me when I tell you you need it for the upcoming seasons. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I could live in it. It is one of my favorite buys for the season and I cannot wait to wear it throughout the fall and long Chicago winter. I love the texture and the length of it, along with the room I have in it, especially being pregnant and at the point where I'll be growing rapidly.

Plus, with the way the sweater falls it makes it so easy to dress up with jeans and booties or dress down with leggings and flats. It's so easy to mix and match which makes it the perfect closet staple!

October 7 edits-25.jpg
October 7 edits.jpg
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Sweater / Jeans / My booties are Gianni Bini from Dillards that I got early this year and haven't been able to find again or online

What's your favorite sweater this season?

Brandie Scales