Friday Fashion Post: Bears at Packers, TNF

Truth be told, I love love love going to Lambeau Field. There is something so magical and historic about it that makes me fall in love with being in a division where we get to play against Green Bay every year. Driving through Green Bay in the fall is so amazing, the trees are perfectly painted in their fall colors, the air has a crisp to it, and the town comes alive at football season, and even more so for this rivalry game. I honestly was so, so excited to go to Green Bay this week and it'll definitely be one of the hardest games to miss this season.

Fall 2017-3.jpg

I have opened my arms so wide for fall this year. As much as I love the summer and will forever be a beach babe there is something so special about the fall, especially now since we're in a place where the season is so magical. I know, I'm sounding crazy over here but we don't have these beautiful changes of season in Texas so I'm just embracing it all as much as I can!

Dresses are the most comfortable things for me to wear right now so I am taking full advantage of the weather permitting me to still wear them with cardigans, especially when I have to be out and about for a few hours.

Fall 2017-8.jpg
Fall 2017-13.jpg

I never ever thought I'd buy a midi dress but I took advantage of the Nordstrom Sale this year and bought a few things out of my comfort zone- one being this midi dress and the second being these heels. I am so glad I got them because I love the way they go together and I will definitely be wearing them often throughout this fall.

Another thing I've been paying attention to when shopping is if the shirts/dresses/tops I am purchasing are nursing friendly. I want to buy things that will last me long term and throughout multiple seasons and since I'm hoping to nurse Baby Scales I'm trying to be smart about what I buy and start wearing now. This dress has a flexible fabric and easy straps to get up and down, hopefully making nursing in it a breeze.

Fall 2017-15.jpg
Fall 2017-12.jpg

Grey Dress (similar) / Basic Black CardiganHeels (similar)

PS- Happy October, friends! I hope this month is full of pumpkin carving, apple cider and happiness for you and your family!

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