Weekly Update: Surrounded By Family

We are seriously so blessed to have some of the most selfless best friends surrounding us. The past three weeks have been non-stop with visitors. From my mom, to Chach, to Kenzi & Atlas, and Peter and Claire- people have flown in from Texas, Colorado, and Utah to be with us.

To be honest, the past few months have definitely been emotionally and mentally challenging for Pat and me. When he tore his ACL in August we knew we'd have a different season and chapter in our lives than the one we were prepared for, but nothing can prepare you for the loss of your season and the emotional grief that comes with someone replacing you on the roster. It's not something you can ever prepare for, but when you're here you wonder what you can do to fix it. And maybe not fix it, but sugar coat it. Make the time fly by faster...

That's what having our best friends and parents with us has done. It's made the painful and challenging days of recovery and therapy easier to get through by being able to come home to people Pat knows are genuinely by his side holding his hand through this time. A constant show of support and love. They've been our saving grace. They've been the light-hearted break from the stress and reality that we need- the laughter as we eat dinner curled up on the couch and binge on Netflix, game nights sitting on the floor laughing as we eat pizza and playing Jenga, and mornings before therapy spent drinking coffee and eating pancakes are a few of the memories from this time that will always stay with me.

It's been a wild ride, and I promised you I would always stay real and raw with you through our journey.  We know the beginning is always the hardest, and as time continues and Pat gains strength and mobility things will get easier.

Tomorrow will mark four weeks since surgery, the first month down. Thank you, Lord. We are so grateful to get over this hurdle and to be working on month two. Pat is holding up well, progressing ahead of schedule, and is excited to be closer each day to being back on the field.

There is no way we would have been able to make it this far without all of our family and best friends, especially the ones who made their way to Chicago to be with us. We have so much to be grateful for. Slowly we are learning how to put our rainboots on and dance through this storm, trusting God and the plan He has for us ahead.

Brandie Scales