Why I Choose to Dress Neutrally to Games

If you've been following our journey, especially from the beginning, or my Fashion Friday posts this season, you know that I very rarely wear team apparel to games. I promise you it's not because I don't like the teams we play for, because I do, it's for a handful of reasons, specific to my preferences and what makes me comfortable.

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Since it's a question I get often, I wanted to share with you my top three reasons as to why I don't dress in Pat's jersey or extensively in team gear for game days:

  1. People are ruthless. Especially when they're intoxicated, and even more so if you're not at home and your team is losing. God forbid you get pointed out as a wife and your day of being a peaceful bystander is gone. I have had so, so many confrontations at stadiums of people saying mean and rude things to me about my husband- guys, the long snapper- or someone else on the team, so to avoid being picked on and/or me having to lose my temper at someone I choose to dress neutral so game days can be spent peacefully watching Pat and the team play.
  2. I'm a truly shy person, especially in big crowds. I do not want to be picked out of a crowd as being a wife or anyone associated with the team. It has nothing to do with Pat and everything to do with my anxiety. It is more comfortable to me for me to be in neutral clothing at the stadiums. Incognito is my jam. You have to remember that this is our job and way of life. Game Day to us is like you heading into a big conference on a Tuesday where you have to give a presentation to the big wigs of your company. Game days have different meanings to us- and while we occasionally like to have a beer while we enjoy the game, 99% of the time we want to sit quietly and watch the game unfold.
  3. The only time I wore Pat's jersey he tore his ACL... so, call me superstitious, but we're never doing that again.

One thing I never mind wearing is a ball cap or beanie, and usually I do have one in my bag that coordinates with my outfit in case I want one. Hats are the perfect addition to the beginning of season because most of our games are during the day when the sun is up, while beanies are the perfect winter addition because those things keep you so warm!

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During the week I am constantly in our team's gear, whether it be a sweatshirt while I run errands, a tank top while I'm teaching Pure Barre, or my favorite long sleeve tee while I'm around the house. I love representing our team and who we play for, but prefer to do it in environments that are comfortable to me and don't put me in an awkward position to talk or be pointed out.

It may seem silly but it works for me and is something I have learned over the years to help me enjoy game days more. 

Brandie Scales